Raise the Roof


The church’s parsonage roof must be re-shingled. The parsonage is the house that the church owns where the pastor lives. We have owned the parsonage at 24 Longview Road for more than 50 years and after 35 years it is time to remove the two layers of shingles and apply a new layer (this will last for 25 or 30 years). The cost for a shingle is only $50! And we only need 300 shingles! Our shingles are packaged two in a bundle ($100) and ten bundles make up a square ($1000).  Whether you can donate one shingle or twenty, every contribution is important and equally appreciated. Together we can complete this major endeavor!  You can make a pledge toward this project by filling out a pledge form at church, or filling out the form below: 

Parsonage Roof Pledge Card